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Severna Primorska

Franciscan monastery Kostanjevica, na Kostanjevici , Škrabčeva ulica1, 5000 Nova Gorica

Franciscan monastery Kostanjevica

na Kostanjevici , Škrabčeva ulica1, 5000 Nova Gorica (Reaching us?)

The hill above Nova Gorica is topped by a Franciscan monastery from 1625. The monastery church is decorated by beautiful stuccowork, and ...

The Gorica museum, Grajska cesta 1, 5000 Nova Gorica

The Gorica museum

Grajska cesta 1, 5000 Nova Gorica (Reaching us?)

The Gorica Regional Museum is located in Kromberk castle, a building built in the north Italian renaissance style. The museum ...

The Kluže fortress

5230 Bovec (Reaching us?)

The Kluže fortress is definitely one of the most picturesque fortifications in Slovenia. Towering above the Koritnica gorge, it was once used ...

Antonij's shaft, turistični rudnik, 5280 Idrija

Antonij's shaft

turistični rudnik, 5280 Idrija (Reaching us?)

In the old city center of Idrija stands the imposing Šelstev building where miners once gathered before descending into the dark tunnels ...

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Idrija lace, 5280 Idrija

Idrija lace

5280 Idrija (Reaching us?)

The Idrija and Cerklje areas are famous for their rich cultural heritage, but one tradition stands out in particular: the creation of ...

Kobarid museum, Gregorčičeva 10, 5222 Kobarid

Kobarid museum

Gregorčičeva 10, 5222 Kobarid (Reaching us?)

The Kobarid museum was founded in 1990 with the purpose of presenting Kobarid's rich history, especially the events on the Isonzo front ...

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The walk of peace, Gregorčičeva 8, 5222 Kobarid

The walk of peace

Gregorčičeva 8, 5222 Kobarid (Reaching us?)

The Walk of Peace intertwines the heritage of the Isonzo Front with the natural wonders of The Upper Soča Region. It is ...

The Trenta museum, Na Logu v Trenti, 5232 Soča

The Trenta museum

Na Logu v Trenti, 5232 Soča (Reaching us?)

The Trenta Museum and Triglav National Park Museum present the cultural landscape, nature and life in Trenta in the past. ...

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Permanent exhibition of Idrija lace, Prelovčeva 9, 5280 Idrija

Permanent exhibition of Idrija lace

Prelovčeva 9, 5280 Idrija (Reaching us?)

The exhibition of Idrija lace is a tale of Idrija lace, wrapped like the ribbon that made it famous. We will take ...

Gewerkenegg castle - Museum Idrija, Prelovčeva 9, 5280 Idrija

Gewerkenegg castle - Museum Idrija

Prelovčeva 9, 5280 Idrija (Reaching us?)

Dominating over the old town, Idrija's castle has preserved its historical name, Gewerkenegg, which in German means mine castle. It ...

Partisan printworks Slovenia, Vojsko, 5280 Idrija

Partisan printworks Slovenia

Vojsko, 5280 Idrija (Reaching us?)

Would you like the caretaker to print a souvenir leaflet for you on the old printing press? During the national liberation struggle, the ...

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Partisan Hospital Franja, Dolenji Novaki pri Cerknem, 5282 Cerkno

Partisan Hospital Franja

Dolenji Novaki pri Cerknem, 5282 Cerkno (Reaching us?)

Second World War was one of the most difficult trials for mankind. Like other freedom-loving nations, the Slovenes also organised themselves to ...

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Cerkno museum, Bevkova 12, 5282 Cerkno

Cerkno museum

Bevkova 12, 5282 Cerkno (Reaching us?)

Who's to blame for this year's mild winter? Pust! The Cerkno region is a small link in the chain of Slovenia's prealpine foothills. ...

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