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One day I was told that we will head into one of the most beautiful parts of Slovenia and make our own “krapi” (eng. carps) there – exactly what we offer you on our journey. I was not quite sure what to think of it. How could one “make a fish” in the middle of an Alpine country and what does this have to do with conquering Mt. Triglav?

And here is where the story begins. In the Slovenian language the word “krapi” has two meanings – besides the fish, the traditional buckwheat pockets, a typical Alpine dish with exceptional flavor and a fun preparation process, are also called “krapi”. So as it turned out, we weren’t “making fish” that day on our trip but delicious little dumplings instead. For centuries locals have been preparing “krapi” in the same traditional way. Today it is no longer just a typical dish served to hikers, who visit various alpine huts on their hikes – today these tasty buckwheat pockets are indeed very popular and rank among the world's best dishes. But if we go back to the early mountaineers and the conquering of Mt. Triglav: the thing that first pops to our minds is probably the question of how did the mountaineers in fact manage to hike such heights without any technology that is nowadays available to us, moreover in hard and uncomfortable hiking boots and in even more extreme weather conditions than today. For a better understanding of how the art of mountaineering once looked like, we will visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum and take a look at the original skis of the first man who skied down Mount Everest. Moreover, we will learn how to safely attach ourselves to a climbing wire and jump into some classic vintage hiking gear. But the best part of the day will be the visit of a wooden bivouac where (with the help of a special simulator machine) you will get the chance to experience how the worst thunderstorm in the mountains feels like, what in a group becomes even more interesting. And if you have ever wondered how all this water from the real thunderstorms comes down into the valley, it will be clear to you as soon as you will see the majestic waterfall Peričnik with its unique feature – visitors can namely walk behind the beautiful waterfall and observe it from all angles. It is said, that the end of the day is the most beautiful and the best time for some relaxation – we will do that at the shores of the beautiful lake Jasna, where we will admire the beautiful reflections of the Alps on the lake’s surface and chat with old and new friends. This will round up our day perfectly.   





On the magnificent steep cliff that rises 130 meters above the glacial Lake Bled, stands the symbol of Bled, moreover the symbol of Slovenia – the Bled Castle. The image of the castle above the lake with its romantic island and the church in the middle, is the one panorama which over the centuries became famous at home and all over the world. Imagine having a lovely conversation along with a glass of wine in the old winery of the castle or just a cup of coffee on the castle’s terrace while enjoying spectacular views – priceless! But the visit of the Bled Castle will be just one of the highlights of day two. Because of its highly strategic position, Bled was in the past always an important venue for knights, lords and various medieval legends. At Bled Castle you will get the chance to write your own story, for example while making the lovely Bled souvenir coin or while printing a special note in the castle’s old printing works. Here you will also be able to buy some lovely souvenirs to take home with. To make sure you will not become sleepy, just like the former castle guards once were, we will turn up the action and go on a rafting adventure in the afternoon. We will have great fun together and afterwards enjoy a delicious picnic. 




Day three will be reserved for fun group activities – for example you will get the task to complete a special course with only a few information given. The entire day will be dedicated to adventures in the nature. We will visit the moor with the highest altitude in all Europe, where we won’t search for more legends, but rather enjoy the beautiful symbiotic nature and the pure air of the Triglav National Park. Here a small hint – the famous treasure of Zlatorog, the goat with the golden horns, is yet to be found in the national park and maybe you will be the lucky one on this day!





To liven up the end of your vacation in a proper way, we will visit an adrenalin park, where you will have to participate in a variety of adventurous tasks and actively collaborate with your friends or your group.

Time will not be a factor on this day and we will get the chance to go back in time for several hundred years. In the afternoon, we will visit one of the oldest farm houses in Slovenia and have a look at the old farm clothes, the traditional black kitchen, the old living room with no TV or a comfortable couch to relax on, but rather an uncomfortable fireplace with candles. Not only this house will show you how once the life in this cowboy area looked like, but rather the entire village. Cowboy area? That's right, we will also try some typical dishes of the local cowboys or shepherds as we call them. Do you remember the old cowboy movies, the delicious homegrown and homemade food, chats with friends by candlelight or on the streets? If you don’t and you don’t know how once life was, I am sure that you will experience it here with us.

All you need to do prior to your arrival, is to convince your friends or your partner to go on an adventure with you, give us a call and your 4-day adventure trip filled with stories, legends and socializing will begin.













Included in the price:

  • Culinary workshop
  • Transfers
  • Guided tour
  • Triglavska Bistrica
  • Waterfall Peričnik
  • Slovenian Alpine Museum
  • Pokljuka contest
  • Oplen House
  • Waterfall Savica
  • Bled Castle
  • Photography contest
  • 1x dinner
  • Tourist farm + lunch



Additional expenses (optional):

  • adrenalin park and the giant swing = 29 EUR/person
  • rafting = 37 EUR/person
  • 2x lunch = 20 EUR/person
  • accommodation with breakfast = from 40 EUR/day/double room



Tourist package prices:

Regular public tours max 8 persons

  • from 336 EUR / person --> 6 days TOUR
  • from 576 EUR/ person --> 6 days TOUR with Hotel (3*, 4*)




Private tours

  • 2 persons: 794,99 EUR/person
  • 3 persons: 590,99 EUR/person
  • 4 persons: 488,99 EUR/person
  • 5 persons: 427,99 EUR/person
  • 6 persons: 386,99 EUR/person
  • 7 persons: 357,99 EUR/person
  • 8 persons: 335,99 EUR/person

For bigger group please send us inquiry to:


Extras for accomodations:

•    Double room with breakfast in hostel: from 40 €/day/room
•    Double room with breakfast in private accomodations: from 53 €/day/room
•    Apartment for 2 persons: from 48 €
•    Double room with breakfast in Hotel- 3 stars: from 60 €/day/room
•    Double room with breakfast in Hotel- 4 stars: from 80 €/day/room




PHONE: 00386 51 242 927