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The Sava River, which runs right through the capitals Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade, where it also merges into the Danube River, draws the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia and flows into the Black Sea. On your first day you will be standing on the exact spot where this beautiful 947 kilometers long river starts its long journey – we will namely visit Zelenci. I am not sure what the color of the river is, when it is merging into the Black Sea, but I can tell you that it is emerald green and blue at its spring and fantastically clear. No wonder it is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Slovenia. After we will visit some of the other natural legacies in the surroundings of Zelenci, you will also get the chance to relax, walk around and discover Kranjska Gora, one of the most popular ski resorts in Slovenia, by yourself. The resort has an interesting name, with which children in elementary school often have problems because of the interesting grammar. Your tour guide will tell you all about it and teach you some Slovene words along the way as well. 





Nature has given people a great environment to come up with various fun activities and sports. In the past, the first and most well-known outdoor activities were hunting and picking various things, like for example fruits. But today people are doing a bunch of more extreme activities outdoors. One of them being climbing and mountaineering, which has become very popular around Mount Triglav already in 1778, when the highest peak of Slovenia was also conquered for the first time. Only a few years after this success, also some other famous peaks in the rest of the world became attractive to climbers. But even today, the north face of Triglav is among the most popular ones as it is also the widest and highest in Europe. And how is all this connected to our day?


Imagine hiking up almost 3,000 meters in uncomfortable hard hiking shoes and in even more extreme weather conditions than nowadays. To understand it fully, we will visit the Slovenian Alpine Museum and have a look at the first mountain boots that will definitely make you laugh. We will also learn how to safely attach ourselves to a climbing wire and jump into some classic vintage hiking gear, which will be the perfect time to make some fun "selfies". The best part of the trip will be the visit of a wooden bivouac where (with the help of a special simulator machine) you will get the chance to experience how the worst thunderstorm in the mountains feels like, what in a group becomes even more fun. In addition to a pleasant walk along the river of Triglavska Bistrica afterwards, you will also get the chance to admire the beauty of one of the most popular waterfalls in Slovenia. Here we will take some time to relax and enjoy the view of the Triglav wall and the valley Vrata. There will also be time for some romantic moments behind the waterfall. 





The Triglav National Park has numerous natural beauties, one of them also being the plateau Pokljuka – the highest-lying moor in Europe. Due to its special location and altitude, it offers some great activities. Moreover, the muddy gravel soil has a healing effect as well. Pokljuka also has some great energy points and the mighty trees up there help to clean every inch of your body. On day 3, we will explore the nature at the moor, pick forest fruits, relax and breathe in the fresh mountain air. In addition to all the legends about witches and herbs that you will be able to hear, you will also get the chance to learn about protected and medicinal wild flowers from which delicious tea mixtures can be made. In the past these flowers were used only by witches, but today we know that exactly these herbs and other similar natural remedies actually work wonders. Picking berries and colleting herbs will be an undemanding activity, which will offer you plenty of laughs and lovely moments with nature. And in the evening you will have enough time to buy some typical souvenirs and rest.






Lake Bled was once upon a time a valley with a hill in the middle and a large rock on it, where at full moon mountain fairies would gather and dance. 


But in this green valley and on the hills around it also the local shepherds where herding their sheep. One day the sheep ate the grass around the hill and the fairies got mad. They threatened the shepherds: “If you won’t put up a fence around our rock so the sheep won’t eat the grass, we will do it!” The shepherds just laughed at the demand of the fairies and left their sheep to go on the hill again and again. In revenge, the fairies summoned all the water from the mountains to come down and flood the entire valley. In this way, the fairies “fenced” their rock on the hill and could continue to dance freely on their lovely grass again. This is how Lake Bled was created. Do you believe in fairytales? Well, if you want to experience Bled in full, you have to! We will let you discover the fairytale of Bled alone in your own pace. And if you think you have already seen all the beautiful spots in the world, you will be amazed by the magnificent Vintgar gorge located close to Bled, which offers lovely walks along a narrow path between picturesque river pools and rapids. And at the Triglav National Park Centre, a small museum of natural attractions, you will get the chance to learn about all the flora in the Vintgar gorge and its surroundings. If you want to believe in fairy tales and stories, this charming day trip will be the right thing for you. You will be enchanted by the beauty and all the legends, moreover, you will get the chance to really relax and forget all the stress in your everyday life.




After her visit, already the famous writer Agatha Christie concluded that Bohinj with its picturesque lake is a really beautiful place and a great location for her crime stories. And this is exactly why, we will spend our last day in the Bohinj. We will learn about the history of the town and the famous legend about Zlatorog (the goat with the golden horns) which is guarding Lake Bohinj. Don’t forget to take your cameras with you, as we will be visiting rare natural attractions and beautiful old bridges, dating back several hundred years.

Once upon a time, the so called white women, tender and kind-hearted creatures were living here, and a young hunter from the Bohinj valley was growing up under their protection. He was allowed to climb the highest mountains and had nothing to fear as the white women where always watching over him. When descending from the mountains, he always brought a bouquet of lovely wild flowers to a beautiful girl in the valley and after some time they fell in love. But one day a rich Venetian merchant came to Bohinj and asked the girl to marry him while showering her with golden jewelry. The merchant said that if the young hunter really loved her, he would bring her the treasure of Zlatorog.

Desperate and hurt, the young boy immediately set out on a mission to find Zlatorog. Want to know how to story ends? Your local guide will tell you all about it at one of the shores at the Lake Bohinj. But I can reveal one thing to you already – the treasure remained hidden in the mountains beneath Triglav. But today the real treasures of the park are the beautiful wild Triglav flowers which are also protected.


All you need to do prior to your arrival is to convince your friends or your partner to go on an adventure with you, give us a call and your 5-day adventure trip filled with stories, legends and discovering nature will begin.







Included in the price:

  • Guided tours
  • Transfers
  • Natural reserve Zelenci
  • Tamar
  • Planica
  • Pocar Homestead
  • Triglavska Bistrica river
  • Waterfall Peričnik
  • Wetlands, healing points
  • Vintgar Gorge
  • River basins of Mostnica
  • Slovenian Alpine Museum
  • Visit to the Triglav National Park center


Tourist package prices:

Regular public tours max 8 persons

  • from 253 EUR / person --> 6 days TOUR
  • from 541 EUR/ person --> 6 days TOUR with Hotel (3*, 4*)



Private tours

  • 2 persons: 813,99 EUR/person
  • 3 persons: 563,99 EUR/person
  • 4 persons: 439,99 EUR/person
  • 5 persons: 364,99 EUR/person
  • 6 persons: 314,99 EUR/person
  • 7 persons: 279,99 EUR/person
  • 8 persons: 252,99 EUR/person

Additional expenses (optional):

  • 5x lunch = 50 EUR/person
  • 1x dinner = 10 EUR/person
  • accommodation with breakfast = from 40 EUR/day/double room

    For bigger group please send us inquiry to:

    Extras for accomodations:

•    Double room with breakfast in hostel: from 40 €/day/room
•    Double room with breakfast in private accomodations: from 53 €/day/room
•    Apartment for 2 persons: from 48 €
•    Double room with breakfast in Hotel- 3 stars: from 60 €/day/room
•    Double room with breakfast in Hotel- 4 stars: from 80 €/day/room

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