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{newsletter} > Activities > Sp. Tuštanj - Brdo

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Sp. Tuštanj - Brdo


Starting point: Domžale

  • Path length :
    40.0 km
  • Time:
  • Difficulty:
  • Ground:

Description of path

    Starting in the Domžale sports park, head past Podrečje and Dob and cross the highway. You should soon reach Gorjuša, where you can visit castle Krumpek, Železna jama (the Iron cave) and the museum exhibit in Jamarski dom (the caving club). Descend across the bridge onto a macadamized road toward Veselka and proceed until you reach the main road, at which point you can visit the outdoor theatre in Studenec. Continue toward the villages of Zalog, Kokošnje and Dole until you reach Vrhpolje. Turn toward Sp. Tuštanj, where you will have the opportunity to visit the castle. Then, descend slowly and cycle through Dole, Imenje and Videm to Lukovica, where you may ascend Brdo and visit castle Brdo, the birthplace of Janko Kersnik. When you have rested, head for Rafolče over a picturesque landscape. In the village of Rov, you can take the road to the ruins of castle Kolovec, then turn back to Rov. Return to your starting point by passing through Radomlje, Količevo, Vir, and past Šumberk.

- castle Krumperk
- Železna jama (Iron cave)
- Jamarski dom (caving club) on Gorjuša
- museum exhibits
- outdoor theatre in Studenec
- castles in Tuštanj, Brdo and Kolovec



The author of these pages takes no responsibility for the described cycle routes or for the accuracy of the data. We have presented the cycle routes to the best of our ability, but the cyclist and the maintainer of the route are ultimately responsible for the safety of the trip.