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{newsletter} > Trbovlje > The Kum Dobovec Landscape park

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The Kum Dobovec Landscape park


    The Kum Dobovec Landscape park - presentation

    The area of the Kum Dobovec Landscape park lies at the juncture of the subalpine and the Dinaric lands, where nature is both colourful and fragile. Typical alpine flora grows alongside typical Dinaric flora. Many of these plants are protected, including auricula, rose daphne, orange lily, Irish yew and English holly. Zasavje is famed for the buttercup plant Ranunculus thora, which grows only on the northeastern slopes of Kum and at a few rare locations in Zasavje (Mrzlica, Kopitnik and Sv. Lovrenc nad Sevnico).


    The rich flora also provides a favourable habitat for animals. If you take a walk through the area, you just might run into a deer, mouflon, chamois, hare or even a boar. Other animals have also made their home here: the pine marten, beech marten, skunk, squirrel and dormouse. Sometimes, even a brown bear visits the area.


    Many hunters still remember meeting the largest grouse in Slovenia, the magnificent wood grouse, which unfortunately disappeared from these slopes after 1989. An endemic animal also lives here: kumski jamski brzec, a tiny beetle.


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