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Terme Slovenia


Slovenia has many spas where one may enjoy the medicinal qualities and relaxation that a hot spring, called Terme, can provide. These are set in many beautiful locales, and each these offer their own unique programmes that a visitor can choose from. Those who seek particular services, such as culinary, family oriented, health, and various fitness services can find a Terme that focuses on them. Here are some excellent spots to visit for that unique Terme experience, which has been around in Slovenia since the 1100s.

Terme Snovic

Terme Snovic is the first thermal spa to attain the Daisy Emblem of the European Union. This distinction is awarded to companies whose facilities reach their high standards for environmental friendliness. It is situated in a scenic valley that lies between Vransko and Kannik close to the Kannik-Savinja Alps. This proximity allows tourists to go sight-seeing, hiking, mountaineering, or cycling in scenic locations close by. Their bathing and hot spring water is enriched with minerals like magnesium and calcium, both found to be beneficial to those who have problems with their digestive system and bones. Along this line, they also provide great organic dining experience and selections.

Terme Banovci

Terme Banovci is the only one in Europe that has a thermal water camp specifically for nudists. However, it is particularly famous for its campsite whose name translates to “Sunny Groove” in English. Recently added features of this facility are underwater massages and whirlpools. The water of this Terme is famous for its healing qualities, so people who have bone, joint, and muscle problems frequent this place because of the relief it provides them. They also offer excursions twice a week. Its proximity to the Prekmurje is an opportunity for those who love to explore to indulge in this pastime.

Terme Mariborhas organized theFontana HealthandRecreation Centreas a place where physical rehabilitation can be enacted in a very pleasurable setting. It features a combined pool area of about 650 square metres. There are also more than 150 whirlpools, underwater massages, and similar services related to water that the visitor can avail of. Its main theme is that of fun and fitness, so there are Turkish baths and turbo solariums to enhance the experience. Aside from these features, people also flock to this facility to take pleasure in its water slides, which were developed to thrill tourists of various ages.

These are not the only thermal water, tourist facilities in Terme Slovenia. There are definitely many more. Every time one returns for a visit can be a unique one.