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Crossing the border-foreign representative offices-custom laws-pets

Crossing the national border

In 2004, Slovenia became a member of the European Union. There are no longer any customs checks at border crossings with Austria, Italy or Hungary. Traffic is only checked by border police. Once Slovenia fully implements the Schengen Agreement, border control will be strengthened on the Schengen border with Croatia. Crossing the border at all seaports, airports and land crossings is regulated by EU rules.

Citizens of the European Union, Switzerland and Croatia may enter Slovenia with up to 30 days with only an identity card. All other foreign citizens require a passport.

Foreign representative offices in Slovenia

Embassies, missions and consulates of foreign countries in Slovenia

Customs laws

Anyone entering Slovenia must respect import prohibitions and limitations as well as provide the required documentation for all goods imported into the country. The necessary documentation must be obtained either with the appropriate authorities in the counrty of export or with the appropriate authorities in Slovenia. Slovenian customs laws are coordinated with European customs laws.

People entering Slovenia from an EU country via a third country must follow the laws regarding import of goods from third countries. Third countries are defined as all countries that are not members of the European Union and all EU territories outside the EU customs area (Pharoe inslands, Greeland, French territories outside Europe, the Canary islands and others).

Special regulations are in place regarding the import and expert of weapons, medicine, drugs, food, protected animal and plant species, plant parts, plant products and pets.

All import or export of cash or securities with a value greater than 12.500,00 € must be registered with the customs authorities. Cash or securities of lower value may be transported freely.

You can get more information about customs laws at the webpage of the Customs office of the Republic of Slovenia.


The following types of animals count as pets: dogs, cats, white skunks, nonvertebrates, decorative tropical fish, reptiles, birds, rodents and domestic rabbits. Za njihove premike v Evropski uniji veljajo enotni predpisi. If your pet is travelling with you, it needs a valid rabies shot certificate for the current year as well as a valid international veterinary certificate for transportation.

Rabies requirements apply only to dogs, cats and white skunks. All other pets do not need a special rabies certificate, but they do need to be marked and have a valid veterinary certificate for transportation.