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Postal services and communications

The Slovenian Postal Service provides its customers a palette of services. In addition to sending standard letters and other messages, packages, telegrams or faxes, you can also buy stamps, postcards, greeting cards, phone cards and other items at post offices. At the same time, post offices provide monetary services such as money transactions, lottery tickets, sports bets and cash withdrawals for Maestro, Maestro, Activa Mastercard and Mastercard clients

The Slovenian postal network is well-developed, fast, and efficient. Shipments inside Slovenia reach the recipient in a day, while international shipments take five days. Intercontinental air mail should arrive in 7 to 10 days.

Telephones in public phone booths accept phone cards which can be bought at post offices and some newsstands. Cards for 25, 50, 100 or 300 impulses are available. Phone calls are cheaper during the night – from 7pm to 7am.

When calling Slovenia from abroad, dial the country code (386), followed by the regional code (without the zero) and then the number of the person you are calling. For international calls from Slovenia, dial 00, then the code of the country you wish to call.

Useful numbers:
  • 195 – exact time
  • 115 – operator for long distance and international calls
  • 1188 – information on telephone subscribers in Slovenia
  • 1180 – information on telephone subscribers in other countries
  • 080 80 80 – information on Telekom's services
  • 19810 – wake-up call service

The Mobitel d.d. company is the largest mobile telecommunications operator and is responsible for the construction and maintenance of mobile telecommunications infrastructure. Slovenian mobile phones opearate in the frequency range between 900 MHz and 1800 MHz in accordance with European standards. The Mobitel GSM network covers 99% of the country while the Mobitel UMTS network covers 66%. Slovenian mobile phone numbers start with 031, 041 and 051. The Mobitel company has signed commercial GPRS roaming contracts with 94 operators in 51 countries. Phones for roaming in Slovenian networks can be rented in Mobitel centers.

Mobile communication systems have also been established by the companies Si.mobil – Vodafone, Debitel and Vega. All of these companies provide speech and data transmission, short message service and mobile Internet access.

Recently, WLAN technology offered by mobile operators has become increasingly widespread. NeoWLAN is a Slovenian public access wireless network providing its users with wireless Internet access at speeds of up to 11 MB/s in compliance with the IEEE 802.11b (Wi-Fi) standard. NeoWLAN access is available at many access points (»hot spots«). Near an access point, anyone with a wireless or palm device and a properly installed WLAN card or mobile phone can access the Internet and e-mail quickly and easily. Access points are visibly marked and have a radius of 30 to 100 meters, depending on the location. Upon launch, your web browser automatically locates the Slovenian public access wireless network NeoWLAN and displays the starting page on the screen.

Internet access is available in most hotels, in libraries and in cyber cafes.


Useful phone numbers 

  • country code for Slovenia: +386
  • calling from Slovenia: +00 and the country code for the country you are calling
  • police: 113
  • emergency medical services: 112
  • fire department: 112
  • AMZS (road assistance): 1987