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By sea

In Slovenian territorial waters, ships may land only at the international border crossing ports in Piran and Koper (from May to October, landing is also permitted in Izola). The ship, crew and passengers must be reported to the border authorities after landing. The following documentation is required:

  • ship ownership documents
  • boat handling certificate
  • personal documents of all passengers

There are three well-equipped marinas on the Slovenian coast, all sporting the Blue Flag eco-label. In Izola, you'll also find a special Yacht center for technical services. Fuel can be bought in all marinas.
Open throughout the year:

Ukmarjev trg 2, 6000 Koper
Phone no.: +386 5 663 21 00
hotline: +386 5 663 21 06
Fax: +386 5 663 21 02
Telex: 34 235 VHF channel 16

Dantejeva 2, 6330 Piran-Pirano
Phone no.: +386 5 671 01 92
Fax: +386 5 671 01 93 VHF kanal 16
During the season from May 1st to October 30th

Veliki trg 12, 6310 Izola-Isola,
Phone no.: +386 5 663 21 50
Fax: +386 5 663 21 53 VHF kanal 16

The largest Slovenian port is Luka Koper, but it mostly handles freight traffic.

Marina Koper/Capodistria
The Koper marina provides mooring space for 70 vessels and.dry dock space for 30 vessels. The maximum ship draught is 3.5 meters. All piers are equipped with water and electricity lines as well as a movable crane (carrying capacity up to 50 tonnes) and a fixed crane (carrying capacity up to 4 tonnes). You can also find a gas station and waste oil containers nearby.


Marina Koper/Capodistria
Kopališko nabrežje 5, 6000 Koper
phone no.: ++386 5 662 61 00
fax: ++386 5 662 61 61


Marina Portorož/Portorose

The Portorož Marina is Slovenia's largest marina. Its capacities are: mooring space for 650 vessels, dry dock space for 350 vessels and warehouse space for 100 vessels. It can serve vessels up to 22m overall length and draught up to 3.5 meters. All piers are equipped with water and electricity lines. Services provided include repair and maintenance of ships, ship motors, electronic equipment, masts and sails. For the lifting and lowering of vessels, three travel lifts (with a carrying capacity of 20, 30 and 50 tonnes), two fixed lifts (with a carrying capacity of 5 and 7.5 tonnes) and a mast crane are available.

At the marina, you can also find grocery stores, nautical/sports stores, two restaurants, a beauty salon, tennis courts and golf grounds.

The Portorož marina is an excellent starting point for cruises around the Adriatic isles.

Marina Portorož/Portorose
Cesta solinarjev 8, 6320 Portorož
phone no.: ++386 5 676 11 00
fax: ++386 5 676 12 10


Marina Izola/Isola

The Izola marina has four piers and can provide mooring space for 620 vessels of overall length up to 30 meters and draught up to 4.5 meters. An additional 100 vessels can be drydocked. All piers are equipped with water and electricity lines.

Services provided include:
- repair and maintenance of ships, ship motors or electronic equipment
- repair and installation of hydraulic equipment
- repair and production of sheets

At the marina, a 50-tonne travel lift, a vehicle for transporting boats of up to 5 tonnes and a mast crane are available.

The Izola marina offers its guests everything they need for a comfortable stay: wide piers, green areas, tennis courts, nautical equipment stores, parking lots, boat sale and rental agencies, restaurants, a casino and a shopping center.

Marina Izola/Isola
Porting d.o.o.
Tomažičeva 10, 6310 Izola
phone no.: ++386 5 640 02 50
fax: ++386 5 641 83 46