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Pokljuka, Slovenia


Pokljuka is located in the Triglav National Park. It is a 20-kilometer plateau that is covered with trees, and in the winter, snow. The area serves as part of the numerous mountain paths going to Slovenia’s highest peak, Triglav.

The plateau’s sereneness is an idyllic getaway for those looking for well-preserved vistas, calming altitudes and different floras and faunas. Accommodation is easy on the eye. Cottages have been constructed in such a way that they do not disturb the picturesque scenery.

In winter, Pokljuka becomes a child’s playground. The whole area is covered in a clean sheet of snow ideal for all types of winter sports such as cross country skiing and bobsledding.

What can you do in Pokljuka?

There are plenty of activities in store for you in this nature reserve. In the summer, it experiences only slight humidity and heat, while in the winter; the cool air is refreshing to the senses. Because of its beautiful weather all throughout the year Pokljuka has turned into a popular enclave for health resorts in Slovenia. You can find different spas, cycling lanes and forest paths to get you back on track health wise.

One particular path that is quite popular is the Pokljuka Forest Learning Path which is a circular area that tourists find easy to navigate. In this path, tourists will have access to the Pokljuka marshes which is a fascinating visual display and a biological treasure for habitat enthusiasts.

What is the Culture like?

Most of Pokljuka has retained its provincial ways. Although there is plenty of summer and winter resorts in the area now, walk in one of the numerous forest paths and chances are you will still be able to meet a herder with his cattle. They may even offer a glass of homemade sour milk and other dairy products such as butter and cottage cheese. Such products are one of the specialties in Pokljuka.

Recently, Pokljuka has also decided to turn their historical charcoal kilns into a tourist attraction. These charcoal kilns date back to the 1th century when Pokljuka was an important supplier for charcoal to be used in furnaces for iron ores.

Pokljuka for Adventurers

For those who want to go a little off the beaten path, you may have access to the Pokljuka Gorge from Bled and villages Zgornje Gorje, Zatrnik and Krnica. The gorge although relatively dangerous because of falling trees and rocks, is home to one of the most beautiful brooks Ribscica and river Radovna. There is also the Pokljuka hole, a beautiful cave naturally endowed with 2 entrances and 3 windows. For those with guts of steel, try going across the natural bridge which is 24 meters above ground. If this is not palatable to your taste, there are always the wooden bridges built by the Tourist Society of Gorje in the 1930s.

More than anything, you will never be bored during your stay in such charming a place whatever season or time you decide to visit.