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New-age water sports in Slovenia


It´s officially autumn so it should be cold, foggy and boring. But not just yet. Slovenian coast has sunny weather and friendly temperatures. And believe it or not. Yesterday people were having a bath while some of them were practising water sports. New-age water sports, as I call them, are new to slovenian water surfaces or at least new to me.

Let´s check them out:

1. Kitesurfing - is an extreme water sport where the kiteboard and a kite are combined for riding across the water. Ofcourse the kiteboard does not go anywhere when there is no wind. The best winds for kitesurfing are cross-shore and cross-on shore winds. Where did I see kitesurfers in Slovenia? Well just few steps from Lucija settlement and only few kilometres away from˝Slovenian Cannes˝ - Portorož.
In case you did not know- in 2011 racing style of kitesurfing was announced as a sport for theOlympics in 2016so the sport is getting more and more popular each year.

2. JetBoarding - is similar to windsurfing just that there is no wind needed as there is a flat motor installed under the board to propel it. It is quite fast as it can speed up to 70km/hour. I´ve seen those in Portorož too.

3. Stand up Paddleboarding (SUP) - is not a completely new-age invention as it was used through out the history, mostly on Hawaiian islands. The sport got re-discovered recently and is used among Slovenians too. You basically need a surfboard and a paddle which is used to propel the surfboard. For SUP no wind and waves are needed. In Slovenia you will find many lakes, rivers and coastal waters just perfect to practice SUP.

--> More about SUP on StandUpPaddling TV´s channel

4. Sea kayaking
- sea kayaking or sea touring is not a new invention at all as Inuit paddlers used kayaks for trans-atlantic journeys already before 1900´s. In fact the oldest preserved sea kayak dates back to 17th century. However sea kayaking is relatively new to Slovenian environment and now we can see groups of people kayaking from Koper to Izola and back.

Fancy to try any of the above sports?

Come to Slovenian coast and enjoy warm autumn weather!