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Train Trippin´


Trains are not considered the fastest means of transport and maybe not even the most comfortable, with the exceptions of luxury trains. But some people adore travelling by train. The natural landscapes, the city lights, the river banks and sunrise that unfold while we travel are priceless. As well as the opportunity to meet new people.

I had a trip by train the other day, traveling from Krško to Ljubljana and back. I admit I have chosen the train to save up the money for fuel and parking in the capital and even if I was quiet unpleased with the 2 hours-stopping-at-every-station-old-fashioned- trip at first, I suddenly started to enjoy the ride. It was 7 am and the nature was just about to wake up. The romantic mist was rising above the Sava river as lonely rain drops watered the window curtain that was separating the passengers of the train from the nature. The fishermen were already on their positions by the riverbanks, hoping to catch some fish either for lunch or just plain fun. Observing the grand scenery, I longed for a cup of warm tea...

˝Krško Valley˝, Lana Švab (2012)

Then suddenly the sky cleared up and somewhere close to Ljubljana, after one hour and a half of melancoly, the sun came out. What a sudden change! What a sudden flow of energy caused only by the change of weather. If I was traveling by car, I wouldn´t have notice that for sure.

Somewhere I read that the trip starts with the pathand I could not agree more. That weekend my trip to Ljubljana and back was a part of the whole experience. It made me reflect my life, isolate from the outside world and come back to it.I could say train trippin´ is a purifying therapy. Do you agree?