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Hotel Triglav Dobrna

Dobrna 12, 3204 Dobrna GSM: 00 386 51 242 927

Food for an exploring spirit…

If you are not one of those people who rich their destination, park and store their car keys until it is time to leave, then you will be happy to cruise around Dobrna's surrounding.

The house of cultural heritage – the Polenek collection is a place you can reach on foot – the route will lead you through Terme Dobrna, where you will spot the Chappel, a little gallery of religious paintings, mass clothes and accessories,right after Villa Higiea on the right (it was carefully arranged by Jože Polenek, a collector and protector of the cultural heritage). Stick to the main road and climb left after the Park hotel. Soon the road will split right and after a couple of meters you will reach the former Spa hayrack, where you can see many objects, tools and machines, that were used in the past by people in their work and day-to-day life.

The Minka farm is a suitable place to walk to, especially if you have kids. You will use the same route as when visiting the House of cultural heritage, except that you will go straight instead of left. Its special feaure is Rajko, their nice little donkey. Beside apperitif and wine you can also try some of the domestic delights, some of them you can take away. You can buy them in their shop. Find out why their famous strudel is called Minkas strudel.

If you would like to visit the tourist farm Soržev mlin, you will have to get in the car and ride toward Nova Cerkev. After the roundabout turn left and find Polže, the road is marked. The farm's interesting feature are the historical mill and the sawmill, both still work today.

From here the road will take you through Nova Cerkev and Socka toward Vitanje, at the center of wich you will turn right and drive along until you arrive to the Cultural center of European space technologies, Ksevt Vitanje. The building of the center has won several awards for its architecture excellence, but its real value is in the content available there – exhibitions, workshops and cultural events, connected with conquering the space.

If you drive from Dobrna in the direction of Velenje, you might still find places that are worth visiting. Where the road splits toward Žalec and Velenje, the cheese lovers can chose Žalec and visit the Podpečan farm near Galicija. It has 250 years tradition of milk production, and you can try many sorts of their domestic cheese, cheese spreads, yoghurt and other products you will not be able to say no to.

Velenje offers many interesting things – the town itself is a historical monument of a certain era, and Saturday is the perfect day to visit the market place, where the best providers from Koroška and Savinjska region meet.

If you leave Dobrna and drive in the direction of Celje, then the near Vojnik will offer you some insight into its cultural and sacral history – the tabor manor from 1467, Sv. Florijan and Sv. Jernej churches from 15th Century and Marija sedem žalosti church from 17th Century – and several hundred years old „townsfolk“, such as 600 years old hophornbeam, 300 years old Grilc's oak or 250 years old Sejko's lime tree.

The princely town, Celje,invites you to visit many exhibitions and events, organised by the Museum of recent history Celje, The Celje regional museum, Pelikan photo studio and gallery, Gallery of modern arts, National Hall, Celje youth center, and City cinema Metropol. Not far away to the north there is Šmartinsko lake, the natural jewel with a clear water, suitable for swimming, water sports and fishing.

The trips are meant for you to explore independantly and can be combined together as you wish. Start and finish are, of course, the Triglav hotel.