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Discover the hidden pearl along the emerald river – Kanal ob Soči

We want you to meet the hospitable locals who live, create and breathe with their town, we want you to experience our town during your visit with all the senses, so we invite you to join us.
Discover the hidden pearl along the emerald river  – Kanal ob Soči











Our trip:
-  Arrival in Kanal and meeting with the local guide in the center of Kanal or at the historic railway station.
- We'll take a walk around the center of the Medieval settlement, we'll see the preserved defense towers, church of Mary's Assumption,the square Kontrada, the beautiful Kanal stone bridge and exhibition of local inhabitants organized in the windows of their houses.

- We will taste the products of local beekeepers and herbalists, we will have the possibility to buy art products made of ceramics and Soča pebels,we'll learnthe story of mysterious fllute called kabrca.

- We will visit the gallery of local painter Riko Debenjak, we'll walk through the defensive tower and gothic house where the gallery is situated.

- We'll meet the manufacturer of traditional metal carnival masks from Lig.

- We'll stop at the local dairy farm, taste the genuine products and get the possibility to purchase them

- At the historic railway station, an enthusiastic collector will present us Kanal during the First World War and

invite us to visit his collection of military memorabilia from this period

- We will walk to the scenic point from which you will have the best view of the famous Kanal stone bridge.


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