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Advantages of advertising

Why advertise with us?
• because you can reach more potential buyers than you can using classical advertising methods
• because our web page has over 105.000 different visitors each month;
• because the portal is already home to over 3500 advertisers, and the number is growing by the minute

• because we offer the option of measuring your advertisement's effectiveness
• because it raises the rating, number of visitors and recognizability of your web page
• because the Internet can reach even people who do not currently have access to other media
• because an advertisement in electronic media cannot be skipped, deleted or thrown in the trash
• because your advertisement is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• because we offer free updating of your ad, keeping it accurate all year
• your ad is translated into four languages, making you visible to potential foreign customers
• because we offer complete support in designing your online advertement, saving you precious time (your help is only needed with the text and photographs)
• because your customers will be regularly informed about new additions
• because long-term advertising brings better recognizability on the market, a greater amount of sales and greater economic success
• because your advertisement is enriched by active links to the World Wide Web and to e-mail
• because more and more transactions are conducted electronically
• because you will receive your own subdomain

What a client loses by not advertising with us?
• a larger number of customers who could have led to greater economic success
• the opportunity to advertise abroad
• rating of your web page
• a target group of potential buyers
• the ability to inform customers about new offers and special discounts
• money, since our competitors charge much more for such advertising
• more hits from search engines and thus more potential customers
• potential customers' trust due to insincerity
• the time and money required to design their own advertisements for other media
• customers that cannot be reached by traditional media
• the ability to update the ad free of charge to reflect new services and products provided
• the ability to measure the ad's effectiveness