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Ausgangspunkt: Terme Ptuj

  • Länge der Radwege:
    42.0 km
  • Zeit:
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
  • Boden :
    Asphalt, Schotterstraße

From Terme Ptuj, cycle along the river Drava. After the underpass beneath the road and railroad bridge, turn toward the water treatment plant and past it to the Pinčar mill. There, cross the Studenčnica and take the paved road between the fields to the Turnišče castle, where you should turn left toward Sodnice immediately after a short ascent. In Sodnice, turn left again and you will soon be by the Studenčnica again, in Pobrežje. From here, the road will take you to Videm. Immediately after passing the school in Videm, turn left off the main road toward Šturmovci. You should soon reach the regional park, a great place for a leisurely stroll at any time of the year. At the end of the park, cross the dam over the Drava and immediately turn right to Nova vas. Now, the road will take you through the villages of Bukovce and Stojnci, where you should turn right onto the Ptuj-Zavrč road. 19 kilometers away from your starting point, cross the Drava river and immediately turn right toward Cirkulane. (Although those of you who would like to explore the countryside a little can head straight to castle Borl, which you should already see in the distance.) When you reach Cirkulane, you have already completed over half of the route! Unfortunately, you will now need to ascend Gradišče, (298m above sea level). But those of you who persevere and reach the top will be rewarded with a beautiful view, not to mention the delicious wine that you can buy nearby. Next comes a swift descent to Dravce, where you can see the biggest wind-rattle in Haloze and burn off some excess energy on the nearby football, basketball and tennis fields. Then, it is time for a somewhat longer ascent to Vareja, where you should turn right onto the Trakoščan - Ptuj road, descend down to Videm and finally back to Terme Ptuj.

In Turnišče you can admire a mansion with a beautiful French-English park and several ponds, first mentioned in 1441. The church of St. Vid in Videm was built during the 15th century. On a hill above the Dravinja, you can see the church of St. John the Baptist from the 12th century and the relief of a Roman tombstone decorated with the scene of Iphigenia escape from Tauris. Šturmovci is a regional park where you can enjoy a relaxing walk among many different varieties of plant and animal life. The sheer quantity of different birds here is particularly astounding - you have a good chance of seeing some rare and endangered species. In Cirkulane, the points of interest are the church of St. Barbara, built in the 15th century, the chapel of St. William from the 17th century and the original parish church of St. Catherine from the 13th century. By Hrnčičevo, you can see a lime tree with a circumference of almost 5 meters; an even thicker one can be seen in Gradišče, by house no.37 (circumference of 6 meters). Close by there is also a beech tree with a circumference of six meters.



Für die beschriebenen Fahrradrouten und die Genauigkeit der Angaben übernimmt der Autor dieser Seiten keine Verantwortlichkeit. Wir haben die Fahrradrouten in der bestmöglichsten Art vorgestellt. Die Verantwortlichkeit für die Durchführung der Fahrradtour übernimmt jeder Einzelne bzw. der Besucher dieser Seiten alleine. Das Fahrverbot in der natürlichen Umwelt (Amtsblatt der RS 16, 28/95).