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Ausgangspunkt: Terme Ptuj

  • Länge der Radwege:
    48.0 km
  • Zeit:
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
  • Boden :
    Asphalt, Schotterstraße

Starting at Terme Ptuj, head along the Drava river channel, down a well-maintained paved road. After about four kilometers, you will reach Slovenja vas, where the road turns to asphalt. Carefully cross the Maribor-Zagreb highway and continue onward until you reach Gerečja vas. There, turn right in the direction of Kungota. In Kungota, first turn right twice, then left toward Brunšvik at the end of the village, just before the tree-lined avenue. At the end of the avenue sit the ruins of the once mighty Ravno polje castle. Passing through the »Prepoljska hosta« woods, you will reach Brunšvik village. Pass through it, and when you reach Rače, take the first right to Dravski dvor. Although you will see many side roads, ignore them and continue down the asphalt road. In Dravski Dvor, turn left and pass through the village of Dobrovce, where the church of St. Mary Assumption is located. You will eventually reach Miklavž. At the crossroads with traffic lights, turn left, then turn right beyond the bus station and cycle along the Drava river to Dogoše. When you come to the main road, turn right and cross the channel. After a couple of kilometers, cross the old river channel. You will find yourself on the left bank of the Drava. Cycle through both Duplek villages. Once you pass the gas station, turn right toward Johe. After two kilometers, the route merges with the more »adventurous« one. Adventure In Zg. Duplek, you should easily be able to spot the road leading to the Drava Regional Park. Cycle past the Duplek gravel pit (bustling with people during the summer, especially on weekends) and enter a world rich with luxurious plant and animal life. You will doubtlessly enjoy yourself on a sunny day, but you may wish to reconsider taking this route if it is raining. After five kilometers, both routes join together again. Once you reach Vurberk, turn right and right again in the forest. You can ascend another 200 meters to visit the Vurberk castle and the church (part of the road is macadamized). After a daring descent, join the Drava road in Čreta. You will get to know the Slovenske gorice area as you ascend the hill in Krčevina pri Vurberku. The road continues along the river Drava past Hince sequoia through Orešje toward Ptuj. Beneath the castle in Ptuj, turn right, descend to the Drava, cross it using the pedestrian bridge and proceed until you return to Terme Ptuj.

In Kungota on the Ptuj plain, you will findthe church of St. Kunigunde , built in 1520. It was remodeled in 1934, and much of its baroque furniture can be seen in the Regional Museum of Maribor. Only a stone throw from Kungota is theRavno polje manor, which was built in the second half of the 16th century and was expanded considerably over the years. Although it is in need of renovation, many of the features of the original building can still be seen. A Roman aqueduct that supplied the city of Ptuj with water used to go through the town of Brunšvik. The town and manor both got their name from a German aristocrat from Rače. In the centre of Dobrovče stand the church of St. Mary Assumption, built in 1934, and a chapel from the nineteenth century. In Miklavž, a town closely connected to Maribor, stands the church of St. Nicholas, first mentioned in 1382. Around it is the old town centre, though new buildings are springing up in other parts of the town. On a steep hill above Dvorjane, the Vurberk castle and the church of St. Mary can be seen. The two buildings used to complement each other, and you can still see tombstones with reliefs of the Vurberk lords on the walls of the church. The castle was first mentioned in 1244, whereas the church was first mentioned about a century later. On the road to Ptuj, you can also stop in Orešje, the site of »Hince sequoia« , which has a height of 43 meters and is a local attraction.



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