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Med sadovnjaki in vinogradi


punto di partenza: : Moravske Toplice

  • lunghezza:
    39.0 km
  • tempo:
  • difficolta:
  • fondo:
    asfalto, brecciato

Descrizione della strada

Starting in Moravske Toplice, follow the cycling path through Tešanovci toward Bogojna. Just beyond the bridge, before you even reach the sign marking the village, turn off the main road toward the village and the church known as Plečniks church. Now, you have two options. The first leads toward Filovci, a village known for its pottery. Talking with the potters can be an interesting experience indeed! You can stop at Filovski Gaj between the vineyards and the well-preserved vineyard cottages and sample the locally grown wines. Then, head through the village of Bogojina into the cool, inviting forests. After a light ascent, you should emerge on the other side by the village of Bukovnica. In the immediate vicinity of the village is Lake Bukovnica, known for its energy spots. You can visit the spring of St. Vid and refresh yourself with the clean healing water that is said to be beneficial if you have problems with your vision. The vicinity of the lake should fuel you with the energy required to continue with your journey, toward Motvarjevci and through Pordašinci to Prosenjakovci. From Prosenjakovci, you can take the shorter route among the vineyards and orchards through Selo and Vučja Gomila back to Moravske Toplice. Alternatively, you can choose a longer route through Berkovci, Ivanjševci, Ratkovci, Kančevci, Ivanovci, Sebeborci and Martjanci to Moravske Toplice. Both of these routes takes over low hills back to flat land. Both offer many interesting things. In Selo, there is the romanesque church called Rotunda, and you will see the remains of ancient burial mounds along the way. In Berkovci, the Časar mlin, which is also the starting point of a hiking route called Sladka pot, is worthy of your attention. The hiking route leads to Ivanjševci, where you will be warmly greeted by the beekeepers who will be all too happy to show you around their apiaries, provide you with some wax souvenirs and offer you some mead. In Ratkovci, you can try the homemade sweet cakes. The road continues through Kančevci (past the spirituality center and the excellent outlook point by the church of St. Benedict) to Ivanovci, where Sladka pot ends by the Goričko Wine-growing center. The cycling route leads back to Moravske Toplice through Sebeborci and Martjanci, known for its church and frescoes.

The route among the orchards and vineyards provides you with plenty of opportunities to get to know the southeastern part of the Goričko region. You will get a good look at the areas where the hills give way to flatland and at the towns along the Hungarian border, where many Hungarians live as well. Several religions coexist here peacefully - Calvinists in Motvarjevci, Baptists in Fokovci, Evangelicans and Catholics. The shorter route leads through the vineyards in the immediate vicinity of Moravske Toplice; the nearby wine-shops, wine cellars and tourist farms offer many local delicacies and wine. If you have the time and would like to see a larger part of the Goričko area, you have the option of turning onto a longer route through the orchards, heading past Kančevci northward or to central Goričko.

Moravske Toplice

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