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V zavetju Lubnika 1


Ausgangspunkt: Škofja Loka

  • Länge der Radwege:
    44.0 km
  • Zeit:
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
  • Boden :
    Asphalt, Schotterstraße

The route begins in front of the Tourist office in the town square, in the old city center. Cycle along Poljanska cesta (the Škofja Loka - Gorenja vas regional road) and, after 1,5 kilometers, a signpost toward Breznica pod Lubnikom and Gabrova should direct you to the right, onto an old military road once used for the building and supplying of the Rupnik line on Blegoš. After 3,8 kilometers, you should get to Kobila, the starting point of hiking paths to Lubnik, Stari grad, Vincarje and Škofja Loka. Leave the military road by turning left (6,5 km) in the direction of St. Lovrenc and then descend past Mežnar. Beneath the homestead on the left (7,5 km) cycle along the path, first downward then up a steep slope until you reach the church of St. Lawrence, 400 meters away. Here, feel free to take a short break. Proceed back down the path and turn left at the crossroads, descending steeply down a winding road to the village of Zminec. 9,9 kilometers from your starting point, cross the (extremely busy!) Šk. Loka - Gorenja vas road, take the old road left onto the main road and turn right toward Škofja Loka. Shortly afterward, turn right across the bridge toward Bodovlje. Before you reach the first houses, turn left and continue down a gravel road along the right bank of the river Poljanska Sora. The gravel road, which becomes very muddy during rain, then steeply ascends onto a natural terrace and joins an asphalt road toward Puštal. At the second intersection, turn to the left and descent to Naces house (cultural monument), past it and to the right to the Puštal castle (another cultural monument and now the home of a music school). We recommend visiting the castle courtyard and Hudičeva brv (»The devils footbridge«). Proceed past the bridge and, when you reach the junction, turn right onto the road leading along the right bank of the Sora river and then to the right past the chapels of the Stations of the Cross up a steep incline (about 200 meters long) to the church of the Holy Cross on Hribec. Climb the steps and enjoy the view, as this is probably the best spot to admire Škofja Loka from. Descend back to the road, to the right and, at the beginning of Hosta (15,5 km) left across the bridge to the village of Suha. There, at the intersection (with a marking in the center) turn right to the church of John the Baptist from the 15th century, known for its impressive presbytery with several murals. Continue past the church and, at the top of the hill, turn right, descending to Lipica via a gravel road. Cross the bridge, then turn right and proceed along the stream. Cross the bridge over the river Sora to Gosteče and head left at the crossroads (19 km) to the village Sora. Turn right by the sign marking the beginning of the village, then cycle past the chapel and you should reach the parish church of St. Stephen after a 300-meter incline. The church was built in the neoroman style and was once attended by Valentin Vodnik and Franc Saleški Finžgar. Beneath the church stands a monastery of the Carmelites. Get some rest here and enjoy the excellent view of the Sora field and the mountains. Pass the church and take the other path down to the road, then right, through Rakovnik to Goričane (24 km). Turn left and cross the bridge. Cycle past the cellulose factory and along the railroad tracks, then take the overpass and turn left to Spodnja and Zgornja Senica (turn left by the car showroom). Beyond the two villages, turn left at the intersection, over the railroad overpass (25,9 km) and, after a few meters, turn right toward Reteče. (The railroad tracks are on your right. Do not cross them here.) Just before the church in Reteče, turn right between the houses and then cycle along the narrow asphalt road to Godešič. By the used car lot, cross the very busy Škofja Loka - Jeprca road (28,8 km), then continue through the town and take great care as you cross an unprotected railroad crossing (29,5 km). After twenty meters (three road turnings), follow the road to the left through the forest and underneath the power lines until you reach a field (31 km). Head straight along the forest path for a few dozen meters and then right along the edge of the forest. After about half a kilometer, you should reach a hunters hut, where you can take another break. Cycle past the hunters hut and turn right after 200 meters, heading first through the forest, then across a field toward the village of Trata. Juts before the village, turn right (33,8 km) along a field path and over the railroad crossing to Žabnica. On your left, you should see Ajman castle, now the local home of the Ursulines. In Žabnica, cross the (busy!) Škofja Loka - Kranj road (36,3 km), go left toward Škofja Loka, then follow the signpost in the direction Dorfarje and Crngrob and turn right (37 km). Proceed down a narrow asphalt road past the orchards and the military training ground. Next, you will need to ascent to the pilgrimage church of the Holy Cross (39 km), known for the fresco of Easter Sunday on the front wall. Cycle back down the path. At the restaurant, descend down the macadamized road and turn right once the road levels out (40,3 km). Then, slowly proceed up the gravel road to Pevno. Just beyond the village, descend and turn right opposite the tennis ground (41,3) onto a gravel road. After a few dozen meters, turn right again and cycle past a farm to an asphalt road leading to Križna gora. Proceed to the left and down, then up, right by the signpost and right at the intersection with the regional road, toward the Selca valley. After six hundred meters, carefully cross the road near the Pinus gardens. Soon you should reach the Vešter mill (44,5 km), which was torched during World War II and then partially rebuilt as a monument to fallen partisans. Next to the mill, turn left onto a narrow path on the left bank of Selška Sora and begin a steep descent past the hydroelectric power plant and onto a macadamized road. Then, head right across a footbridge past the tennis ground to Vincarje. Turn left onto an asphalt road and, after 250 meters, turn right and proceed uphill, up a 900-meter slope (some of it asphalt, some of it gravel). Eventually, you should reach the isolated Grebenar farm (47 km), where you should turn left, ascend one last time, then descend to the castle in Škofja Loka. There is a museum and a gallery in the castle, and you can even get married in the chapel. Unless you actually decide to get married right now, head down the road, cross the busy Poljanska cesta and continue to the left, to the town square and the starting point. Your route is complete, all you need to do is make an entry in the cyclists log at the tourist office.

Škofja Loka


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