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Po stari Blegoški cesti


Ausgangspunkt: Škofja Loka - Mestni trg

  • Länge der Radwege:
    41.0 km
  • Zeit:
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
  • Boden :
    Asphalt, Schotterstraße

From Škofja Loka, proceed through the Poljane valley and turn onto the old military road in Podpulfrca. Along this road, you will be reminded of the past by the old stones next to the road. The road itself is asphalted almost all the way to the top of the incline. This part of the route is very popular among cyclers, and you will also find the shortest path to Lubnik (1025m above sea level), a summit that you can ascend by foot. Continue cycling down the road and begin descending (approximately 11,3 kilometers from your starting point). The macadamized road can be rather rough in places, so caution is recommended. After almost 16 kilometers, you will once again reach an ascending asphalt road. If you need to rest, feel free to stop for a moment. The view of the Selca Valley, the Alps, and the Karavanke mountain chain can be quite impressive on a sunny day. In Zapreval, turn onto the road heading from Luča and you will find a small trough with fresh spring water only a few meters past the tourist farm Pri Žgajnarju. The water is quite drinkable, and if you ask the locals, they will jokingly tell you that it also has some positive »side-effects«... but only if you drink it regularly.At Preval between the Selca and Poljane valleys you can once again gaze at the beautiful valleys, then descend again. If you are in a hurry, pass through the idyllic villages of Četena Ravan, Marave and Javorje to Poljane. If you have a little more time, turn right in Murave and cycle to Gora (Malenski vrh). Those with the most energy can even ascend Blegoš (the ascent is described under the »Blegoš beckons« route). Javorje was once the site of a weather station and is considered to be one of the sunniest villages in the country (according to meteorological data), as are the neighbouring villages of Murave, Dolenčice, Podvrh and Četana Ravan. There are two more things to see in Javorje: in front of the school you can see an interesting statue created by Peter Jovanovič, who lives and works in nearby Dolenja Žetina. In the church of St. Tilen, you can see several artfully painted altars, created by members of the Šubic family from Poljane. In Dolenčice, you can see a bust of Anton Ažbe, one of the principal Slovenian impressionists. In Poljane, cross the main road and continue along the right bank of the Sora river to the Tavčar mansion. Nearby you will also find an educational nature trail. The cycling path ends here, so return to the starting point via the main road.

- the caves of Lubnik and Kevdrc - Tavčar mansion, Visoko pri Poljanah - educational nature trail, Visoko pri Poljanah

Škofja Loka


Für die beschriebenen Fahrradrouten und die Genauigkeit der Angaben übernimmt der Autor dieser Seiten keine Verantwortlichkeit. Wir haben die Fahrradrouten in der bestmöglichsten Art vorgestellt. Die Verantwortlichkeit für die Durchführung der Fahrradtour übernimmt jeder Einzelne bzw. der Besucher dieser Seiten alleine. Das Fahrverbot in der natürlichen Umwelt (Amtsblatt der RS 16, 28/95).