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Ausgangspunkt: Trebnje

  • Länge der Radwege:
    120.2 km
  • Zeit:
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
    Sehr schwer
  • Boden :
    Schotterstraße, Waldweg

The route begins at the church in Trebnje, from where you should head in the direction of Žužemberk. In Štefan, turn left toward Žužemberk and continue along the main road through the villages of Občine, Mala vas (where the birthplace of Baraga is located), Knežja vas and Železna. At the intersection, turn right toward Žužemberk, heading past Zagorica pri Dobrniču and through Dobrava. Turn right toward Lisec, then left onto a paved road. Upon reaching an asphalt road, turn left and then immediately left again, through Volčja Jama and onto the main road. Proceed through Replje and Log pri Žužemberku and turn left toward Dolenji Podšumberk. You should come to Sela pri Šumberku, where you should turn right and then left toward Bič. Continue through Velike Dole and Zagorica pri Velikem Gabru. When you reach Bič, turn right toward Veliki Gaber. At the intersection, turn uphill in the direction of Šentlovrenc. After a light ascent, you should reach a chapel at the top of the hill. From the chapel, head straight forward, down into the valley. In the valley, turn right toward Šentlovrenc. Proceed through Dolenje Prapreče to Šentlovrenc. Now turn left toward Čatež. Turn left by the sign marking the end of Čatež, onto a paved road toward Gabrovka. In the valley, you can turn right onto the Obolnar tourist farm, but otherwise continue and after about 300m turn right in the village G. Ravne. A moderate ascent follows. Continuing down an asphalt road, you should reach Cirnik after about 600 meters. At this point, you will encounter a rather difficult descent. At the main road, turn right toward Mirna and cycle past the pool and the castle. When you reach Mirna, turn left toward Sevnica, heading down the main road. When you can, turn left toward Trstenik, and about one and a half kilometers left to Vesela Gora. Head through Vesela Gora, and after about 800 meters you should come to... yes, another intersection! Continue to Okrog (you should see a small wooden sign for it on the left). Continue your journey back to Zadraga. In the valley, turn right and ride forward through Škrljevo, where you should turn left toward Šentrupert and take the main road to the church of St. Rupert in Šentrupert. In the town square in front of the Šentrupert church, you can take a look at the information board of the Šentrupert Tourist Association. From here, turn left toward Hrastno (you should see a signpost), across the bridge to the right, then left twice and straight toward Hrastno. Ride forward onto a paved road and after about 1,4 kilometers right onto asphalt. After another 200m, turn right toward Dolenje Jesenice. Continue straight through Dolenje Jesenice to the main road, where you should turn left and immediately afterwards turn right onto a side road. Head through Martinja vas pri Mokronogu and turn left by the chapel onto the main road leading to Mokronog. Proceed through the town in the direction of Škocjan, through Gorenje Laknice, Srednje Laknice and Dolenje Laknice. When you make it to Zbura, turn right toward Šmarješke Toplice and right once again toward Čelevec (or Grad pri Klevevž), then straight toward Mala Strmica. Make your way through Grič pri Klevevžu and turn left to Mala Strmica. When you get there, turn left through Velika Strmica and turn left again at the intersection (to the right you would find the Lamovšek tourist farm). Head through the villages of Mirna vas, Roje pri Trebelnem, and Štatenberk. In Udna vas, continue straight on, then left through Brezje pri Trebelnem, turn right, and turn right once again onto a dirt track. You will eventually reach asphalt, and should ride right into the valley. In the village of Šentjurij, turn right, then left in Čemše, then left once again. Cycle down a paved road for a few meters. Upon reaching an asphalt intersection in Poljane pri Mirni Peči, continue straight through Dolenja Dobrava and Jezero. In Dolenja Nemška vas, turn left and continue throuigh Ponikve until you reach the road branching off to Dečja vas (or Šmaver). Ride to Dečja vas, go past the church, and turn right toward Repče (there should also be a signpost there). At the intersection in the forest (by the sign for Šmaver), turn to the right, uphill, then turn right by the church in the centre of Šmaver and take the main road up a slope. You should eventually get to Gorenji Vrh. In the centre of the village, there is a monument to those who fell in World War 2 (Jože Slak Silvo). Pass by the right side of the monument and continue your journey toward Repče. When you get to Repče, turn left by house no.9 toward Vrhtrebnje (the road begins to slope upward here) and right at the next intersection. Descend through the village of Vrhtrebnje. Continue your descent into the valley, back toward Trebnje, which you should finally reach after a long and tiring ride.

1 Trebnje Gallery of naive art 2 Trebnje castle (home to Friderik Baraga in the years 1799 and 1812) 3 parish church of St. Mary Ascension in Trebnje 4 Birthplace of F. Baraga in Mala vas 5 parish church of St. George (Baraga baptism and the church where Baraga worked) in Dobrnič 6 a monument to those who fell in WWII, on Gorenji vrh 7 pilgrimage church of St. Mary on Zaplaz 8 bridges of Mirna valley (Migolica, Mirna - below the castle, Mirna - the town, Bistrica, Hrastovica) 9 »Sleeping beauty« castle of Mirna 10 Sandi Leskovec studio in Mirna 11 parish church of St. John the Baptist in Mirna 12 pilgrimage centre Žalostna gora (»Sad mountain«) above Mokronog, the holy stairs, Stations of Mary seven griefs 13 ruins of Mokronog castle 14 old town centre of Mokronog 15 old town centre of Šentrupert 16 old town centre of Mirna 17 parish church of St. Rupert in Šentrupert 18 Škrljevo castle 19 parish church of St. Barbara in Okrog 20 parish church of St. Francis Xavier on Vesela gora, Stations of the Cross 21 ruins of Kozjek castle (the castle and the fort in Mala vas were owned by the Auerspergs) 22 valley of the Mirna river 23 vineyards and a wonderful view of Šentrupert (Hom) 24 vineyards of Čatež 25 karst landscape in Vrbovec 26 the Temenica river disappears underground here, in the village of Ponikve 27 Šmavra vineyards 28 an excellent view of Kum, Gorjance and Snežnik from Zaplaz 29 very close to the Zaplaz church is Mary spring, »the blessed spring«, believed by some to have healing powers 30 »razhodnja«, part of the traditional Levstik way 31 the valley of the Dušica river, where you can see traditional mills 42 parish church of St. Tilen in Mokronog 41 vineyards of Lisce



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