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Bela Krajina 3


Ausgangspunkt: Marindol

  • Länge der Radwege:
    50.0 km
  • Zeit:
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
  • Boden :
    Asphalt, Schotterstraße

Od TC Marindol, turn right toward Adlešiči (5 km) and Dolenjci (2 km). Turn toward Črnomelj in Dolenjci. After 9.1 kilometers, you'll reach a signpost directing you left toward Butoraj (2.7 km away). Once you make it to Butoraj, head straight along the road and you'll get to Velika Lahinja after 1.1 kilometers of cycling. Here, turn right (macadam). After 1.6 kilometers you'll reach an intersection where you should turn right and cycle another 100 meters to Brdrarci. Follow the road for a kilometer to the village Podlog, where you should turn left toward Dragatuš (600 m). Cycle through the village for 500 meters to get to the main Črnomelj – Vinica road. Turn left and after about a kilometer you should see a signpost pointing toward Pusti Gradec. After a kilometer, you should reach Pusti Gradec and descend down a slope (500 m) to Lahinja. Cross the bridge and follow the markings of the Župančič trail. Follow the forest road for 1.3 kilometers until you reach the asphalt road and the bridge over the Lahinja. Turn right into the village Mala Lahinja, where you should cycle for about 200 meters then turn left by the chapel onto a macadam road. Belčji Vrh is a kilometer away. There, turn left by the church, then right at the National Liberation monument. Follow the signpost for the Župančič trail. Continue to Hrast (2.5 km), then to Perudine (1.1 km from Hrast). After another 700 meters, you'll reach an intersection where you can turn right toward Vinica (1.5 km) or follow the Župančič trail to Žeželj (1.5 km) and then descend to Vinica (800 m). In Vinica, follow the signpost in the direction of Adlešiče. Follow the road for about 15 kilometers through the villages Zilje, Preloka, Žuniči and Miliči back to the starting point.

Author: Klemen Markelj

 From the scouts' home, turn right toward Črnomelj. Cycle through Adlešiče where you can stop for a while and take a look at the gallery of local crafts. Turn toward Črnomelj at the intersection in Dolencji. A little before Črnomelj, watch out for the signposts directing you left toward Butoraj. Butoraj is a village in the middle of the Bela Krajina forests. The Lahinja stream flows lazily past it. The church of St. Mark stands atop the lookout hill above the village, and graves from the Bronze and ancient age were found at the base of the hill. Continue toward Dragatuš, where the poet Oton Zupančič spent his early years. You can refresh yourself in the village and visit the memorial room in the house where the poet lived. During World War 2, the village was bombed and destroyed since the main headquarters of the Slovenian partisans was located here for a time. You can cycle along the marked Župančič trail from Dragatuš to Vinica. The route then heads toward Pusti Gradec where you can admire the water mill, the saw mill and some random archeological discoveries such as the gold coin of King Matthias Corvinus. The church of All Saints stands on the peninsula surrounded by the Lahinja. This peninsula was settled in prehistoric times, and the church stands atop a prehistoric fort. The writing on the church portal still proclaims that funds for the church were donated by M. Plasman in 1638 (the church was probably renovated that year; it is unknown when it was actually built). You can continue along the marked Župančič trail through the Lahinja regional park toward Belčji vrh. The source of the Lahinja river is close to the village. You can stop at Hrast pri Vinici and admire one of Slovenia's largest bauxite formations. The route leads past Perudina to the Vinica – Bojanci road, where you can follow the Župančič trail toward Žeželj or turn right and descend to Vinica. In Vinica, turn left toward Adlešiči at the crossroads in the center of town. The road leads through Preloka, Žuniči and Miliči back to the starting point.

Author:Klemen Markelj

Adlešiči - Črnomelj - Dragatuš - Vinica


Für die beschriebenen Fahrradrouten und die Genauigkeit der Angaben übernimmt der Autor dieser Seiten keine Verantwortlichkeit. Wir haben die Fahrradrouten in der bestmöglichsten Art vorgestellt. Die Verantwortlichkeit für die Durchführung der Fahrradtour übernimmt jeder Einzelne bzw. der Besucher dieser Seiten alleine. Das Fahrverbot in der natürlichen Umwelt (Amtsblatt der RS 16, 28/95).