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Bela Krajina 2


Ausgangspunkt: Marindol

  • Länge der Radwege:
    40.0 km
  • Zeit:
  • Schwierigkeitsgrad:
  • Boden :
    Asphalt, Waldweg

Starting at TC Marindol, turn left and cycle through the villages Miliči and Žuniči to Preloka (5.8 km). Soon after the Preloka sign, turn left into the village and you should reach the church of the Holy Trinity after a light ascent (500 m). After returning to the main road, turn left. The road leads through the village Zilje to Vinica (8.4 km). In Vinica, turn right at the first crossroads, go through the city center, then turn left in the direction of Bojanci after the church and graveyard. Continue up the ascending road through a forest to Bojanci (5 km). Your next stop is Tribuče, 6.7 kilometers down a nice asphalt road. Once you reach the main road in Tribuče, turn right and you'll reach Dolenjci after 5.1 km. There, turn right in the intersection toward Adlešiči (2 km) and return to Marindol after 7 km.

Author: Klemen Markelj

The church of the Holy Trinity in the village was first mentioned in 1354. It is said that it was originally the Orthodox Sveta Nedelja church during the Ottoman wars. Follow the main road past Zilje to Vinica. On the way, there are several places where you can turn left, descend to the Kolpa river and cool off while enjoying the beautiful nature. Vinica is a town with approximately 200 inhabitants and a bridge that is an international border crossing. The village contains a gas station, two stores, a butcher's shop, post office and bank. It was first mentioned in 1279. During the Turkish invasions, one of the main invasion routes led through the area. The castle atop the stone cliff above the Kolpa defended the border crossing and was first mentioned in the 11th century. In the early 15th century, walls were built around the castle and town to defend against the Turks, but these walls did not survive the test of time. Signal fires were lit above the village in the event of a Turkish invasion. House no. 9 in the town contains the memorial collection of the poet Oton Župančič. The local church of the Holy Cross is originally a Gothic building from the early 16th century and was rebuilt during the first half of the 18th century in a Baroque style. For centuries, there has been a way over the Kolpa river at the site of the bridge. In April 1945, at the end of World War 2, the engineers of the 7th Corps built a wooden bridge over the Kolpa. This bridge was vital for supplying the troops liberating Slovenia. The Žeželj hill rises atop it, and the Pilgrimage church of St. Mary sits atop it. Fourteen chapels of the Stations of the Cross lead to it. A hunting lodge stands nearby and offers a beautiful view of the Kolpa river and the surrounding area. A monument in the center of Vinica is dedicated to the Vinica republic, declared in 1919 by the area's inhabitants. Three days later, it was extinguished by the army. At the church of the Holy Cross, turn toward Bojanci and cycle along an asphalt road through the forests of Bela Krajina. In the middle of the forests you'll find the village Bojanci, originally settled during the Ottoman wars by the uskoks – fugitives from Croatia and Serbia. Even today, its inhabitants are Orthodox Christians. Continue along the road through the forest until you reach the village Tribuče, where you should turn right toward Adlešiči. Tribuče consists of several clumps of houses scattered along the Črnomelj – Adlešiči road. The inhabitants are mainly descended from the uskoks and engage in winegrowing or livestock breeding. The vineyards are located on nearby Velika Plešivica. The area was settled long ago, as several ancient graves were found by the edge of the village. Once you reach Dolejnci, turn right toward Adlešiči, from where you'll reach the starting point after about half an hour.

Author: Klemen Markelj

Adlešiči - Vinica - Črnomelj


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