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Hotel Triglav Dobrna

Dobrna 12, 3204 Dobrna GSM: 00 386 51 242 927

Hiking and biking with no limits ...

If you prefer spending time on foot or on the bike instead of on your back, we invite you to discover our attractive hiking and biking routes. You will experience beautiful nature and remains of the stories about living in the old days, and farms where you can try domestic delights of the neighbouring farmers.

Some of the routes take more time, and you will need a snack and a map.

Dobrna – Brdce – Basališče route

It is a less difficult route marked with blazes, that takes three hours and a half in one direction. It leads from Vita hotel toward the center, then left across Topličica and Dobrnica to the crossing of the roads to Vrba and Zavrh. Follow the creek to the Gutenek manor and signpost for Ledenica, and the Ana's route up to the hill. Turn left into the forest at the Marovšek farm, stick to the right until you get to the Štravs homestead, where you need to follow the blazes to the XIV. Division Memorial, then continue along Nerodn, Krivec and Tonač farms til you reach the Daja valley, and turn right toward Jernejc farms. The blazes will lead you into the forest to Basališče, the highest peak of Paški Kozjak.

The hiking route from Miklavž to Miklavž
It is the route for the more advanced hikers, who collect stamps in their alpine booklets. It mainly follows the municipal border. It is well marked in both directions, and you will conquer Zavrh, Vinski vrh, Aleksandrov vrh, Visoko and Štrukljev vrh, which is the highest of them all. There are many benches along the way, where you can rest. Take your time, if you plan to walk it in a single day.

Routes to Paški Kozjak
An excursion through the forests, that offers a soothing shadow, beautiful views and peace, starts in the center of Dobrna and leads to Žeblar's chappel at the top of Klanec, where you can chose between two, diversely difficult routes to the Trojnšek farm. Continue to the Jurk farm, where there are again two routes available to chose: XIV. Division route on the left leads to Visoko with the XIV. Division Memorial and further toward Planinski dom on Paški Kozjak, while Šaleška route winds on the right, again toward Planinski dom. The more persistent hikers can prolong the walk to the top of Špik with a beautiful view.

A walking route to Kunigunda across Lanšperg
Let the adjective “walking“ not deceive you – a two-hour nicely marked route is suitable for the more advanced mountaineers. Leave the center of Dobrna and go left toward the Lanšperg and Kunigunda signpost, cross Dobrnica and continue through Vinska Gorica, cross the main road and climb the steep forest path past the Popek farm. After the well and Lanšperg hamlet the path connects with the well marked alpine route Vojnik – Kunigunda, the latter has an alpine cottage waiting for you.

A walking route along Dobrnica
It is a short but not a bit less interesting route, which starts at the ruins of Vila Ružička, goes along the meadows and fields to the Arlič family, where you can rest for a while and have a snack and drink. Continue toward Vinska Gorica, where you have two ways to chose – the same you have just arrived or turn right down the asphalt road at the Majer bridge.

Loka route
It will take you from the center of Dobrna over the viticultural Klanec to Loka, into the nature that is more characteristic for karst (red earth, sinkholes, sinking river and even the cave, Osrečanova zvonica), and then past Čerjak's chappel to the renowned, several hundred years old ruins of the mills (Gregor's, Petrač's, Sedevšek's and Volk's). Continue to the Blažič homestead, past the ruins of Snake castle, fishponds and Novi grad in Lokovina, and then back to the center of Dobrna.

Educational path
is actually a part of Ana's route, and the rich natural and cultural inheritage will enrich your knowledge for sure. You will start at Ledenica, continue through Drenovec canyon to Brdce, and to the Marovšek farm and Šumej homestead. You will return partially along the same way, but where the forest begins, the route splits past rocky waterfalls toward Ledenica, where you started.

Ana's route
Ana's route goes from the Dobrna center past Vila Ružička toward Hudičev graben, you will climb up at the Ledenica cave (Bierkeller) along the waterfalls of the Drenovec creek toward the clearing and via the grassy path to the Marovšek homestead which has an old forge and the antiquities collection. At the turning go right and you will get to the Šumej homestead with a neatly preserved black kitchen – the route got its name from the former owner, Ančka. Continue around the Gruševec hill to Zavrh, at the intersection turn right, and at the crossing next to Flis turn left, go past the cross, then continue down the asphalt road toward the Blažič farm, where you can see the granary and the hayrack or have some home made honey. If you climb up the hill on the left, you will reach the Dražnik farm, which offers honey and other bee products and great wine as well. After you get back to the valley past the Švab homestead and the chappel, you will turn right at the crossing and take a rest at the Vrba farm after a walk down the macadam road. The grassy road to the Sv. Miklavž church offers a nice walk, and after the final climb to the peak you will be rewarded by a wonderful view on Dobrna.

Trim trail
As the name conveys, this is a somewhat less difficult route, which leads through the forrest above the Spa park and offers a lovely, soothing walk. If you stop at some of the marked workout stops, you will thoroughly exercise, breath and relax your body..